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  1. chopchop

    Nordica Promachine 2020 - Powerstrap plastic thingie

    Hi, I'm intrigued by the plastic "power driver" Nordica has added to its power straps on this model. I'd like to see it closer up. Would anyone be willing to post some photos from different angles (especially the back/inside)? Thanks.
  2. 2021 Nordica HF110

    Preview: 2021 Nordica HF110

    The rumors are true: the rear-entry boot is back. And it's just what the industry needs. Nordica has learned from its own history in offering this collection of HF boots, HF as in "Hands Free." You still have to touch the boot with your hands to put it on, so HF may be overstepping it a little...
  3. Philpug

    Nordica Announces 2020-21 Enforcer 100, Enforcer 94, and Hands-Free Boot Collection

    Nordica Announces 2020-21 Enforcer 100, Enforcer 94, and Hands-Free Boot Collection Limited early availability at retail beginning next month, January 2020 WEST LEBANON, N.H. – Dec. 19, 2019 – Nordica USA today announced details about its completely redesigned Enforcer 100 and new Enforcer 94...
  4. jo3st3

    Lange RX vs Nordica Speed Machine vs Technica Mach 1

    I'm currently 4 seasons into a Lange XT 120 and looking for a new boot for 2020. The current boot wasn't the most comfortable, but after some grinding for my big toe it worked out pretty well. I know the only way to choose a boot is to work with a boot fitter, but I've talked to a few and...
  5. C

    Got new boots today Nordica Promachine 120

    I have been thinking about new boots for a while and made the move today to go in and try on some different boots. I decided to go to a local shop (I live in Mass) with a good reputation as we ski at different areas and will always be coming back home. I worked in the ski industry for about 15...
  6. pack21

    Boots for trees, moguls, 3D.....

    Hi, Someone could give me a recommendation, for what kind of boots and flex should i look to play between trees, moguls, bumps, 3D snow. I will not walk (mode), only resorts, i'm 5.9ft 187.4lb and will be to use with my new enforcer 93 185m. I'm looking to Tecnica Mach1 110Flex and...
  7. skiwagon

    High Instep... best boots

    Good evening! I’ve been through several boot fittings recently and wasn’t able to pull the trigger on a boot. I was in a Tecnica Mach 1 120 last year that my bootfitter made several adjustments to. They felt great when flexed in skis, otherwise we could never get the balls of my feet to stop...
  8. Dave Petersen

    All Things Beconta

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