mountain biking

  1. Philpug

    Mountain Bike 2018 Pivot Switchblade Pro XTR 1x 27.5+

    I had a chance to spend some time on the Pivot Mach 5.5 a few weeks ago; next it was time to ride the Pivot Switchblade, in this case the Pro XTR 1X 27.5+ build with a price tag of $6,299. Although $6K is not in the stratosphere of pricing, it is on the mid to higher end for many. All brands...
  2. Philpug

    Tahoe-Pyramid Trailway

    This has been a topic that we haven't discussed here yet and it looks like a lot of fun. Here is a link to the Tahoe-Pyramid Trail site. Link Link Channel 2 News Report with video Recent article in the Tahoe Weekly Recent article in the Sierra Sun.
  3. Tricia

    Moab Mountain Biking 101

    Our friends at @KULKEA shared this great article by Rootsrated about the basics of mountain biking Moab. Its worth the read. Moab Mountain Biking 101: What to know. Where to go
  4. Tricia

    Freeride 101: Learning the Basics of Downhill Mountain Biking

    I've taken many steps on my journey to get my mojo back on my mountain bike, not the least of which was a Downhill 101 (now called Freeride 101*) course at Northstar. If you're thinking about trying downhill, this is a great way to learn a few basics and get the lay of the land on downhill...
  5. Plai

    Mountain bike shoes

    I've been road biking for a handful of years, but using Shimano SPD pedals with Shimano SH-M088 shoes with the aspiration of using both the pedals and shoes on both road (and MTB, should I ever get there). So, last year I started MTB biking and have now ventured into blue/intermediate trails...
  6. Tricia

    Mountain Bike 2018 Cannondale Bad Habit 4 vs Trigger 3

    This has been a breakout year for me on the mountain bike trails. I had three amazing rides on trails that instilled confidence and reinforced my enthusiasm for mountain biking, so I decided it was time to demo some bikes that have the potential to take the place of my trusty Trek. I'll talk...
  7. Tricia

    Flat pedals

    This is not a debate about clipless vs Flat pedals, its a quest to get good (edit to change platform to flat, per epic)Flat pedals for a new bike. I bought FiveTen shoes a few years ago and put Answer platform pedals on my bike. I have been happy with these pedals, but I think my bike is sold...
  8. Philpug

    Electric MTB -- Wow! Philpug's Version

    The times, they are a-changin'. We have seen drastic changes in many sports; I want to describe the ways -- or maybe just the perception of the ways -- in which power-assist bikes could change the landscape of mountain biking. This review is as much about what the Cannondale Moterra SE does as...
  9. DoryBreaux

    Video to get you (more) stoked for dirt season.

    Watch Jonathon Simonetti destroy some early season dirt. Hit that share button so that your friends can also watch him destroy early season dirt. ------------------------------------------------------ I'm discovering I enjoy shooting mountain biking and fly fishing a lot more than skiing or...
  10. coskigirl

    Mountain Biking Tourism

    I've been puzzling regarding a last hurrah trip next summer before I start law school. Separately I've been wanting to set a goal for an athletic event that I can train for as the last time I was really successful with weight loss goals was when I committed to a century ride the next summer...
  11. Monique

    Mountain biking TR: Trek Dirt Series at Park City

    About The Trek Dirt Series runs camps throughout the western half of the US and Canada. It started as a camp specifically for women; these days, a few are co-ed. The coaches drive to the camp locations with a ton of pre-built obstacles - some drops, a jump, elevated wooden features, a teeter...
  12. Willy


    I had to pass on this trip but thought I would share. Peak Travels, who I've skied and filmed with in the past took a trip through parts of Idaho on behalf of the Idaho Ski Area Association to film summer mountain biking at the areas. This clip is a daily edit from Sun Valley and features Lynne...
  13. coskigirl

    Mountain Biking 2017!

    Might as well kick off a new thread for the year with new gear! I bought this baby for $2199 today. I pick it up on Wednesday.
  14. Crank

    Gonna Race Sunday

    I have participated in a few MTB races over the years (like 3 in 18 years) though more as a personal fitness goal than as a serious contender. In fact, I am slow. If there was a turtle division I would be in it. Last July I raced in The Horror At Harding Hill, which is in Sunape, NH, just a...
  15. AmyPJ

    Ideas for New MTB Wheels

    For my 29er. Running 2.3 tires currently, tubeless (is there anything else??! Love my tubeless.) Current wheels are Bontrager stock wheels that came with my 2014 Trek Lush S. Looking to lighten the load but have NO idea what the cost would be, and how much I would need to lighten it to have an...
  16. Tricia

    Singletrack Mind -Skills Clinic

    So, I'm doing this today. A Singletrack Mind Ladies skills clinic They have several clinics for men and women throughout the year but this one is ladies only. Look for a report. Here is the descriptions. Date/Time Date(s) - 07/09/2016 -...
  17. Philpug

    MTBR: Sram Eagle 1x12 Review

    By Jason Sumner June 28, 2016 The first thing you notice about SRAM’s new Eagle 1×12 drivetrain is that it doesn’t feel much (if at all) different from the popular 1×11 systems most of us are already used to. Assuming proper rear derailleur adjustment, shifting is rapid and precise, each push...
  18. Philpug

    Bike: Ride the Beast. Killington Bike Park 25 years old

    July 06, 2016 By Bike Words and photos: Ryan Thibault Now in its 25th year of lift-serviced riding, Vermont’s Killington Resort is poised to lead the Northeast’s downhill community into the future. But before we go there, let’s take a step back. Many New England ski resorts have dabbled...
  19. Philpug

    Lets See Your Trusty Steed

    What bike are you riding now? Mountain? Road? City? Post pics of your bikes and lets hear about them. Klein Attitude SS that @Tricia Giant Trance X is my FS, mostly SLX-XT mix. Tricia's Trek Fuel. I will say that I love the Yakima Hold Up rack.
  20. Philpug

    Welcome to the world of cycling

    For some this is an off season sport, for others, they are thinking about their two wheel passion 13 months out of the year. We will get the cycling threads moved over ASAP.