mogul skiing

  1. T

    All Mountain Bump Ski?

    Looking for an all mountain but bump focused ski for skiing Elk Mountain PA Tunkhannock bumps(Hello Phil) and similar. I skied a lot of bumps in my youth but don't get to ski them often enough any more, plus I'm older and reaction times and fitness are not what they used to be. 5' 9" 190...
  2. R

    When to pull back feet in bumps

    In East, I can only practice bump on closed training course( basically ski zipperline) at my home mountain, there is no nature mogul hill, I am beginner bumper. I can manage skiing blue bump run at speed as it goes(not in controlled way), but move to black bump run, I could not stand the speed I...
  3. Ron

    Congrats to Steamboats' Jaelin Kauf She ripped the final run to take the podium!
  4. Dwight

    Mogul competition

  5. DavidSkis

    Tackling a specific bump line

    You're on your level 3 exam at the top of Superstar at Killington. (Pic stolen from Guy In Shorts - I love how there's a dude sideways on the right) You MUST turn using the blobby rectangle-shaped "bump" because it's in your path. You cannot ride down the left side, as that takes you out of...
  6. lsfaki

    ...the mogul just jumped out at me!

  7. jmeb

    Technical off-piste ski videos: Post your favorites

    I love the technical skiing videos posted frequently here -- but they mostly consist of beautiful skiers on groomed terrain making perfect turns. Rarely am I on groomed terrain if other terrain is available: chutes, bowls, trees, etc. So post up your favorite videos of technically rad skiers...
  8. Mendieta

    I Just Took My First Bump Lesson ... This Is Why You Should, Too

    "Moguls are opportunities. Not obstacles." --Weems Westfeldt (Spring 2017) Bumps are scary, huh? If you are like me, ever since you started skiing, you have been trying to stay away from bad snow. Carefully choosing smooth, groomed runs, the closer to manicured, the better. Frankly, that's a...
  9. Tricia

    When Mogul Skiing Was...

  10. D

    Round--smeary --low edge angle mogul skis

    Dawg, Phil et al., When I read Dawg's review of the new MX 84--my sense is that he said this is ski is an 11 out of 10 on all key measures--with the exception of bumps--where maybe it was a 7 to 9, i.e. accommodates bumps just fine versus wow on all other measures. Is this because you are...
  11. Chicajill

    need opinions - which one?

    Hi, I have the MAX Pass this year. I'm planning my next ski trip for the first week or two of Feb. before the crazy Prez holiday stuff. I'm guessing it will be for 7 or 8 days. I had my heart set on Big Sky as I skied it last season for the first time but for only three days. But now Mt...
  12. Philpug

    Vail Pro Mogul 1/8-10

    Link: Looks like it will be an interesting event. I like the Masters Category with no inverted aerials. I imagine we will see some cool Daffy-Twister Spreads or even some Screamin Semens.