loveland ski area

  1. Andy Mink

    19-20 Season-How many days so far?

    Lifts are spinning and Ullr has been good so far. Here we go again!:yahoo::daffy::crash:
  2. Jack skis

    Bus Relief for I-70

    The Colorado Dept. of Transportation will be running busses from Denver to Loveland and Arapahoe Basin during the next ski season. Don't know how many trips per day, but several at $25 for the round trip That won't cure the I-70 congestion, problems, but it sounds like a good alternative to...
  3. Ken_R

    Ski Demo event at Loveland this Saturday

    Christy Sports is having their annual Loveland Demo Day on Saturday. I went last year and it was awesome. They had PLENTY of awesome skis to demo including a good selection of skis from premium brands like Kästle and DPS. Last season it was a powder day. This year its almost 100% certain that it...
  4. oswaldr2

    Colorado Arapahoe Basin Impending Free Agency

    As many of you know, Arapahoe Basin is set to become a free agent after this 2018/2019 ski season ends. What are your predictions for what they will do? Any suggestions that might help them make their decision easier?
  5. Ron

    Election day T.i.Ts at Loveland

    So far me
  6. Tricia

    Firing up the snow gun stoke

    With Killington, Arapahoe Basin, Loveland, and a few others open for the season, along with the few resorts with soft openings like Mt Rose, the temperatures are dropping and we're seeing more ski hills firing up the guns. This is stoke worthy... I'll kick it off with Alpine Meadows
  7. Philpug

    18-19 Season - How many days so far?

    An all new year another counting of the ski days. I am sure that some have their days from Wolf Creek to add but with A-Basin and Mt. Rose opening on Friday...we should see a flurry of posts. Don't forget to keep track over on Slopesquad too.
  8. SkiNurse

    Colorado 2018-2019 T.I.T.S (Tuesdays In The Snow)

    The race is on! New snow means new season. Headed up to Loveland and Abasin to pick up my passes today and the staff at both places are stoked! Abasin says they are looking at NEXT weekend (not this weekend) with date to be announced.
  9. Nancy Hummel

    Snow in Colorado!

    Just drove from Glenwood Springs to Denver through a fairly decent snowstorm. Let’s hope this is a good sign for the season.
  10. dbostedo

    The race is on, first to open... 2018-19

    Since A-Basin has started making snow (, I figured it was time for the annual threads.... So ladies, and gentleman.... Who's going to be the first to open? My guess is Loveland on October 12th.
  11. James

    Colorado 12th Annual Mother's Day Trip

    It's that time again. Coming into Denver at sunset Friday. Today Abasin was completely packed. Instead of being the third to last car allowed in the Last Chance lot we did a u turn and went to Loveland. Loveland was mildly packed. Parked in the Valley lot. Oh Loveland there you are ^. To the...
  12. dbostedo

    Colorado A little late season Colorado fun...

    I happened to be in Colorado for work last week, and was lucky enough to have Friday and Saturday to ski. The season has been over around here (Virginia) for about a month, so it had been a while since I'd been on skis, and it was great to extend the season. This time of year I had my pick of...
  13. I

    Castle Joining Powder Alliance, Crested Butte out. Nice addition to the group. Any member season pass gets you 3 midweek days at each of the 14 other resorts. CB is a great mountain, but having gone Epic and staying in Mt. Collective, made sense for them to leave. The Castle page...
  14. Jtlange

    Colorado Spring Passes?

    So what are options for late season skiing? Do A-Basin or Loveland usually offer some sort of late season pass?
  15. Prowrench78

    Colorado Help! Michiganders first Colorado trip.

    Need opinions and some help deciding on a budget trip. We have never been far from home, 850 ft elevation. Bucket list trip to mountains is looking great for next year. I have experience but girlfriend is new to winter sports. We have pretty much narrowed our trip down to Winter Park. Thought...
  16. David

    Loveland employee death Anyone have details?
  17. Ken_R

    Comparison Review Demo Day at Loveland, tested 10 pairs of skis

    So Today was the Christy Sports Demo day at Loveland. Coincidently a foot of snow fell the night before so I decided to mainly test 100mm+ wide skis (with 2 exceptions). Here is what I skied (same run off of chair 1) in the order I skied them: Head Kore 105 (189cm) This is the first ski I...
  18. mike_m

    Loveland in October/early November

    I'm usually up there about five days a week (sometimes weekends, sometimes midweek) until Copper opens. If anyone wants to take some runs, let's meet upstairs in the cafeteria near the ski school desk at 8:45. Let me know when you're coming! Best! Mike
  19. M

    October, October, October !!! Ski Streak may stall at 144

    Another extremely warm Fall, probably record breaking in the East. It's fricking +22c on October 22 (72F) in Ottawa, average temp is +10c... A few hours of snowmaking at Killington, Sunday River and St-Sauveur back on October 17. The cold weather window in the long-range forecast keeps being...
  20. nay

    Colorado 2017/18 Loveland Stoke and Trip Reports

    Loveland is totally underserved in stoke - here’s a thread for the season. And it opens on Friday with the best early season terrain in CO. Here’s today, very close (Chair 1 on the left): Here’s the announcement.