look pivot 14

  1. F

    For Sale Renoun Z90, Pivot 14, Phantom

    Selling Renoun Z90, 180cm, purchased last year. Gen 1 phantom application over summer, fresh tune this winter and a few days on since then. Look Pivot 14's mounted on the line for BSL 325. Two small shots last season filled in prior too Phantom. $800
  2. firebanex

    Salomon S/LAB MTN Boot and Binding compatibility

    I've googled this topic to death trying to find the answer, I may have already found the answer but I am not sure the answer I found is definite enough. I also may have gone a bit crazy over the last couple months trying to find the answer and never really finding one that is backed up multiple...
  3. MattD

    Look Pivot Bindings - Which Applications?

    For those of us who don't have prior experience with the Look Pivot bindings (I am primarily looking at the 12 and 14 models), which ski applications are they best suited for and why? I'm not looking for the typical comparison discussions about smaller heel footprint for better ski flex, 7...
  4. DrGT

    Need advice about bindings - Quick!

    I know there is plenty of info and threads about this topic, but... I will buy Renoun Endurance 98 skis by tomorrow night. My mind was set on Tyrolia Attack 13 demo bindings. I want demo bindings for 2 reasons: 1 . Be able to share my fantastic skis with friends 2. Have the...