lindsey vonn

  1. Tricia

    Big SNOW American Dream in NJ Open for Skiing

    Big SNOW is bringing year round winter to American Dream starting on December 5th. Grab your tickets now to be among the first to try North America's first indoor, real-snow, ski and snowboard park. Buy your tickets at:
  2. Dave Petersen

    Who needs a mountain anyway? Ski stars with humble beginnings...

    I was fortunate enough to meet Billy Kidd a couple weeks ago at the Colorado Snowsports Museum in Vail. We were discussing who needs a mountain to start a ski career? Apparently not these athletes (although by Midwest standards Lutsen is a mountain!). Who am I overlooking??? I'm sure there are...
  3. Ron

    Best picture of a bruise.. ever.... Lindsey and Laurenne Ross Compare damage.
  4. Swede

    SG Women World Champion Åre

    Start today, midday. Going to be exciting to see of being on a homehill (it should!) can gain the Swedish any positions. Not having any expectations, but a top ten would be an achievment at this point. A few questions re MS and LV will be answered.
  5. Swede

    New Downhill Documentary

    Don’t know if any outlandish people can see this, but I’ll give it a shot. It aired yesterday. It’s called ”Defeat the Mountain - a film about downhill racing”, directly translated. It is 60 minute documentary about downhill racing and downhillers in general, and Åre and the prep. for the finals...
  6. Philpug

    Lindsey Vonn: "Time to say goodbye"

    From USAToday: Lindsey Vonn races during the Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Women's Super G on Jan. 20, in Cortina d'Ampezzo Italy. (Photo: Francis Bompard/Agence Zoom, Getty Images) CORTINA D’AMPEZZO, Italy — What was evident all weekend for Lindsey Vonn became clear to everyone else on...
  7. Tricia

    Meanwhile Mikaela Shiffrin wins super-G at Lake Louise

    We're watching the Birds of Prey, with some incredible snow, but not so incredible race conditions, meanwhile Mikaela Shiffrin kills it at Lake Louise, winning the Super-G, giving her a win in all 5 disciplines...
  8. QueueCT

    Vonn injury at Copper

    LV was taken off the SG course by sled today and, I am told, helicoptered off the mountain. I don't have any more details. My daughters got an autograph not 30 minutes before. Hope it's nothing too serious and the curse of Copper doesn't prevent a start at Lake Louise. Has anyone heard...
  9. Dwight

    Lindsey Vonn announces 2018/19 season will be her last

    She has made it official that this will be her last season.
  10. Tricia

    Skis that our heroes ski

    Other threads about how we choose our skis, along with some brand recognition chatter has me wondering if the old adage "Win on Sunday, buy on Monday" still holds true in some walks of life. Examples Do we take a second look at Head skis because Lindsey Vonn or Ted Ligety, or Bode Miller won...
  11. Ron

    Vonn swims with sharks?

    I saw Lindsey on a shark week show last night, She seemed to have a lot of fun! Says she wants to dive with them next year. Anyone else hear the gasps from coaches and sponsors?
  12. James

    Spoiler: PyeongChang 2018 Olympics

    We need a dedicated thread. EDIT: Go ahead and post live results in this thread. do not read this thread if you don't want to know. It is simply too complicated between NBC's broadcast prime time, posters living From Australia/NZ, Japan, to the PNW, and the ability to live stream. Note...
  13. Rudi Riet

    Cortina d'Ampezzo - Women's DH/SG

    The World Cup women are in Cortina for their annual speed week. First training run was today. Vonn crushed it (won the run by almost a second over Goggia), with Wiles and McKennis in 3-4, albeit more than 2 seconds back. Shiffrin was 13th, 3.26 seconds back. Mancuso was 51st and dead last...
  14. Tricia

    Under Armour gets Vonned

    Lindsey Vonn launches her own skiwear line with Under Armour. “The Under Armour team gave me freedom to express myself throughout the entire ideation and design process," Vonn explains in a press release. "I love being able to ski in looks that not only perform, but are also fashion-forward...
  15. Started at 53


    They are not that far away I’ll get it started I’m ready Front Back
  16. Tricia

    The Girls Are More Interesting

    In a recent post, @Muleski stated that the women on the USST were more interesting to watch these days, which I find accurate and interesting. I'm currently watching this Facebook Life from the USST at Copper Mountain. Its basically a video of them talking to kids who are training at Copper and...
  17. PisteOff

    Is Lindsey Vonn the Greatest Ski Racer of All Time??

    All the great names come quickly to mind, Stenmark, Maeir, Klammer, Tomba, Maze, Kostelic...... For the record, I'm a huge Vonn fan. Yuge!! Anyway, Outside Magazine thinks she's the best ever and breaks out the supporting evidence in this article..... What say you?? Outside Magazine: The...
  18. Swede

    Lindsey historical

    She's the oldest female to win a medal on a World Championship. Stuhec won her fifth DH this season and surprided me. What I've heard is that she completely reinvented her pre season dryland and came in to this season much stronger. Very happy for F Monsén coming in 16th in men's DH. Yong guy...
  19. oldschoolskier

    Lindsey Vonn trying again for Men's DH

    It appears the Lindsey Vonnnis again trying for the Men's DH at Lake Louise. Personally, I have no issue it with provided she races all DH's on the men's circuit for the season and can not race the women's. You either commit or you don't, can't pick and choose the easier races just to see if...
  20. Tricia

    Lindsey Vonn on The Dan Patrick Show

    This was a fun interview to watch. Funny stuff. Worth 20 minutes of your time. Full interview here.