1. Kulkea’s Kantaja Double Roller Ski Bag

    Review: Kulkea’s Kantaja Double Roller Ski Bag

    Let’s start with Kulkea (cool-kee-ah). I currently carry the Kulkea SP Pro boot bag (review here) and many friends carry Kulkea bags of some sort, so I have been around the brand a good bit. Most of my trips are via air travel so my luggage takes a beating. I’ve had multiple other ski cases...
  2. Dave Petersen

    Pugski.com Holiday Gift Guide

    Click here for gift ideas for the skiers on your list! https://mailchi.mp/pugski.com/holiday-gift-guide-newsletter-4002505 Pugski.com Swag Store Grand Opening https://www.pugski.com/threads/pugski-com-swag-store-grand-opening.17421/
  3. Stephen

    Individual Review Kulkea SP Pro Boot Bag

    I have heard so much about the heated Kulkea Thermal Trekker, which I’m sure is a great bag, but it's hard to imagine ever parting with my SP Pro. Previously I carried a Transpack boot bag; it was definitely functional, but my new Kulkea bag upped the function big time. My first concern was...

    Gear Giveaway!

    Hey all! Wanted to give a heads up about a big giveaway we are participating in. There's some cool stuff in the prize package. Good luck folks! A pair of Glade goggles of your choosing A $2,050 gift card towards a new pair of Wagner Skis A Kulkea Boot Trekker ski boot bag A $150 gift card for...
  5. Tricia

    Hurry! Kulkea Summer Closeout

    Our friends at @KULKEA have given us the head up about their Summer Closeout sale. If you're looking for a great deal on some of your favorite Kulkea products to help you stay organized on your next ski trip, you need to take advantage of this 30% off deal.
  6. Tricia

    Pugski exclusive discount for Kulkea Micro Pack

    You may have noticed some banner ads for Kulkea's Micro Pack in various places here on Pugski. Kulkea is extending an exclusive 25% discount for Pugski members who use the code in those ads: MPUG25 This is a great pack for all your outdoor activities, so take advantage of this generous discount...
  7. Dan Egan

    Judgement Free Ski Zone

    Skiing is a Zen sport. The essence of the experience is to escape from the mundane routine of life and step into the adventure of the now. Gliding on, over and through snow provides us with the opportunity to experience, observe and express the emotion of being wrapped in a winter day. It is...
  8. LaurelHillCraze

    Individual Review Kulkea Boot Trekker boot bag

    I won this bag at last year's Gathering and just in time. My old boot bag shoulder straps were stitched on a second time and coming apart again. Its single compartment design left my Smith helmet looking like a golf ball from repeated banging against my boots despite always putting the lid in...
  9. Dwight

    Individual Review Kulkea Kantaja Double Roller Ski Bag

    Pugski asked me how often I used a ski a bag, and the answer was at least once a week. My normal routine is to pack two or three pairs of skis in a Level Nine soft-sided bag, lug it up the basement stairs, throw it in the car, and head to the local hill. There it gets put outside on a wood deck...
  10. Philpug

    2018 Holiday Stocking Busters

    Holiday Stocking Busters The Scott Fix is packed full of features and technology. It has a relatively low profile fit, but a huge field of vision. The double spherical lenses are available in a number of tint options for different light conditions. Its medium/large frame fits a variety of...
  11. Philpug

    "Meet David Abramowitz of KULKEA in Westwood" from Boston Voyager Magazine

    From Boston Voyager Magazine... Today we’d like to introduce you to David Abramowitz. David, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today? The inspiration for the business came to me while skiing in Vermont back in 2008. I found a need. It hit me that all of the ski...