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  1. Tricia

    The first skis you owned

    This thread, Just purchased my very first new pair of Skis - inspired me to dig around for pictures of my first pair of skis. I had skied a handful of times, and knew I wanted to do more. My SO bought me these for Christmas (1985) complete with matching poles. I bought my own boots. - Rear...
  2. Philpug

    Powell Movement interviews Andy Mahre

    Thanks @PowellMovement for this impromptu interview with Andy Mahre, son of Steve, nephew of Phil. Andy didn't have his contract renewed with K2 and to hear how it happened is pretty disturbing under the circumstances. Listen to the interview, very good and very enlightening and again and I...
  3. Philpug

    Comparison Review 2017 Tester's Choice

    We started with our ever-popular Steals & Deals, but added a new twist: the first phase of our “Tester's Choice.” Tester's Choice is a compilation of our reviewers' favorite 2017 skis. We will stick with the same categories as Steals & Deals, but these are more often the skis that manufacturers...
  4. Philpug

    K2, Volkl, Dalbello, Marker, Marmot, Full Tilt and Line..What Does the Future Hold for Them?

    It is sad when you businesses become a "destraction". Read the whole story HERE. This could have a major effect in the ski industry. I know some from K2 that jumped and I know some that were pushed but this could be devastating. K2, Marker and Volkl IMHO still be around in some form...Line...
  5. Philpug

    A peek into K2's future (2018 Prototypes being tested)

    Sorry for the delay in posting here, smack me with a wet Sweet Luv (see what I did there). This image that was posted on K2's wall a few weeks ago never made it over here do to us having a lot on our plate. But we have a picture from Chile where K2 was testing some of the 2017-18s. Left to...
  6. Philpug

    Individual Review 2017 K2 Pinnacle 88

    The Pinnacle 88 was one of a few skis that we were able to get in multiple sizes, 177 and 184. It is the 2017 addition to the Pinnacle series, which already included the 95, 105, and 118 (which is based on the old Seth series). The shape of the 88 is very similar to the 95 and 105, but the...
  7. Dave Petersen

    All Things A&T

    All Things A&T A&T Ski Poles, A&T Ski Company SKI Dec 1969
  8. Dave Petersen

    All Things Killy

    All Things Jean-Claude Killy Jean-Claude Killy SKIING Nov 1966
  9. Demo fleet ready to get cleaned up for another day

    Demo fleet ready to get cleaned up for another day

  10. Dave Petersen

    All Things Glen Plake

    All Things Glen Plake Powder Magazine Centerfold (with Mike Hattrup) POWDER Nov 1986
  11. Dave Petersen

    All Things PRE

    All Things PRE PRE Skis
  12. Philpug

    Individual Review Long-Term Review: 2017 K2 Super Charger

    K2 approached us about helping it promote a model for next season. We discussed the iKonic 85Ti and the new, and very good, Pinnacle 88. These two skis are very important to sales; almost every shop that carries K2 will stock them because, quite frankly, they will sell a lot. Every review site...
  13. Tricia

    Comparison Review Tricia's Thumbnail Reviews: Sub-90mm Skis, 2016-17

    This is an area that I am really excited about. We had a few years of lean snow in the Tahoe area, which inspired clicking into skis that are leaner and meaner. Let's face it, when the cold smoke runs out and gives way to cream cheese and corduroy, the weapon of choice falls smack dab in the...
  14. Tricia

    K2 Heli Trip Contest on Instagram

    K2 is having a #k2powwithpep hell contest. All you have to do is instagram your best powder shot and hashtag #k2powwithpep Instructions here. https://www.facebook.com/K2Skis/photos/a.108944062681.96624.6085002681/10154035058797682/?type=3&theater
  15. Philpug

    Comparison Review Thumbnail Reviews: 2017 All-Mountain 80-90mm Skis

    Living in the 80s isn't all about neon and Miami Vice. The 80-90mm category is going to be one of the most contested segments going into the 2016-2017 buying season. There is a ski here for everyone. You want something pure hard snow? It is here. You want something that is more off-piste...
  16. Remembering Ed Chase 1951-2015

    Remembering Ed Chase 1951-2015

    We lost a giant of the ski industry in the past year, the one and only Ed “Sleez” Chase. We all know Phil and Steve Mahre, but they will be the first to tell you that they would not be decorated with medals without the hard work of Sleez. Ed Chase was their personal tuner when they were on the...
  17. K2 Freestyle Skis

    K2 Freestyle Skis

  18. Emil

    Growth spurt ski dilemma

    I need some help with thoughs if I should buy new skis for my oldest or wait. This stuff is not cheap. My oldest son now 12+ has growed a little bit more than anticipated. Some basics: 153 cm, 95lbs Advanced skier prefers soft snow in the trees and wants to start to explore the backcountry...
  19. Philpug

    The 95ish trend

    A few short years ago (two to three) the 95ish width skis sorta fell between the cracks. It is a shame because there were some very good ones, like the Salomon Sentinel and Dynastar Legend 94, and even the Kastle FX94 didn't get all the love it deserved. Now this segment is being attacked and...