jackson hole mountain resort

  1. DrGT

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Jackson Hole - When to go?

    I am planing a (first) trip to Jackson Hole this coming winter. I was wondering: When is the best time of winter to go there? I can't go on the first week of March due to family reasons. I've heard that the President day weekend is quite busy (and $$$). But how about end of January / beginning...
  2. Roger

    Ski Resorts Nightlife

    Hey there everyone first post on here I use to post on the other page.....little about me....37 Single Male. Average skier at best ogsmile but was wondering about nightlife, I have a chance of going to Alberta Banff Ski resort or Jackson Hole Wyoming for a week. Having a great time after the...
  3. Tricia

    Northern Rockies/Alberta USGS studies at JHMR

    The US Geological Survey will be performing a study inside JHMR with will involve digging a trench 10 feet deep and 150 feet long along the Lower Faces. This is a study to learn more about the Fault which created the Tetons. This study should be done by the end of the month. Does anyone know...
  4. Bob Peters

    UNOFFICIAL GUIDE: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, WY

    Hi, all. It turns out that the photos and links didn't transfer so I'll be adding in photos as a little time goes by. Also, I've been meaning for some time to edit this to reflect some of the new lifts, runs, and options. I'll get at that as well. In the meantime, at least the text is up now...