jackson hole mountain resort

  1. Tricia

    Northern Rockies/Alberta 2020 Pugski Jackson Hole Gathering Trip Report

    Looking forward to pictures of shenanigans, fun times, après and grins.
  2. S

    Lesson advice

    Although not ideal from a lesson perspective my wife and my self will be do a road trip style holiday next month with some friends. We're flying into Salt Lake from Australia and are on the Mountain Collective so we'll be doing a couple of days each at Alta, Snowbird, Jackson and Big Sky before...
  3. O

    How are the crowds

    Are the crowds the same or better at some of the IKON distentions like JH and Aspen? Was last year a fluke due to the weather?
  4. Tricia

    Most intense ski slopes in the US

    From Business Insider Most intense ski slopes in the US Not surprised Corbets is on there. Its interesting to the places from the East Coast listed. Corbet's Couloir – Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Teton Village, WY The Fingers – Squaw Valley, Olympic Valley, CA Paradise – Mad River Glen...
  5. dbostedo

    2020 Jackson Hole Gathering Roll Call

    If you're coming to the 2020 National Gathering at Jackson Hole, please add yourself to the list. (Please copy and paste the existing list, and add your name in the next spot.) @dbostedo @Philpug @Tricia
  6. David Chaus

    2020 Jackson Gathering accommodations- questions, advice, shared/group rentals; etc

    I was wondering if anyone had started a Jackson Gathering accommodations thread, and it appears no one had, so I just did. I was then second-guessing myself with the thought that it’s too freaking early. Then I looked at last year’s thread and it was started August 10th, so I figured, no time...
  7. fatbob


    Prompted by VR and assorted Ikon threads over time I wonder if we should try to bottom out the perspectives on Locals v Tourists, "new" passholders v longstanding passholders etc etc. It strikes me that there is always lots of griping when there is any change associated with ski hills from...
  8. KingGrump

    Boot Up Areas: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Don't Forget the Nonexistent)

    Looks like nobody wants to do the dirty work. SO here it is. Since we were on Jackson, I guess I can continue with it. As @James said, A partial roof over an area that is completely open to the elements. Booting up outside really sucks. Especially when it is storming. The blowing snow just get...
  9. Roger

    Narrowed it down to 2 Jackson Hole or Whistler

    Ok so Jackson Hole or Whistler....so my family (Mother, sister and my brother) have never been to any resorts and want to go out West this season with me for the first time. My mother (73yrs young) she isn't able to ski at all and my brother and sister want to learn. Whistler would be at the...
  10. Tricia

    Skier involved in violation of JHMR backcountry violation shares open letter

    On December 28th Andrew Richards made a decision to cross a boundary line of a closed backcountry area during a significant avalanche danger time, requiring Teton National Park Ranges to rescue two of the four. He shares his remorse and concerns about such actions and how they put others lives...
  11. TheArchitect

    When will the dates for the 2020 JH Gathering be decided? They are decided! 2/23/20 - 2/29/20

    Just curious about the dates. I'm taking my son out to Utah during MA February vacation 2/16-2/22. I'm guessing the Gathering will be in that time frame but if not I may try to swing a second trip to attend the Gathering. And yeah, I know I'm way early. I'm a long range planner; what can I...
  12. Tricia

    Mama moose chases snowboarder at Jackson Hole

    The next time you hear "Heads up" you may want to pay attention. Check out this Instagram video of a snowboarder being chased by a mama moose.
  13. Lorenzzo

    IKON the Lightning Rod

    The linked article reflects the general sentiment of multiple places to which I've been this winter as well as my social media feeds. The numerous reasons for crowding have been discussed elsewhere. However, deserved or not, IKON seems to be the lightening rod in this. My suspicion thus far...
  14. hollyberry

    Northern Rockies/Alberta VERY short trip to JHMR.. suggestions?

    Hey! My husband and I are taking a VERY short trip to Jackson Hole March 2-5 (skiing the 3rd and 4th only.) We each have 2 days at JHMR on our Mountain Collective Passes and a free companion flight from Delta, so we didn’t want to let it go to waste. Any suggestions for fun, not crazy $$$$...
  15. TheArchitect

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Jackson Hole trip - best time to go typically

    Hey there. After my horrible season this year I'm starting to think about next year's trip out west. I'm going to check JH off my bucket list. I'm wondering what people recommend for when to go for the best snow in a typical year. I'd be seriously disappointed if Corbet's wasn't open with...
  16. Philpug

    The Big Sky Gathering (2/24/19 - 3/2/19) ...and beyond.

    It was voted on that we will go into a rotation with The Gathering moving forward. 2019-Big Sky 2020-Jackson Hole 2021-Aspens 2022-Utah Provided there is still Pugski and the internet after that...repeat ;) Other areas that juuuust missed the cut like Stowe are available for regional and...
  17. P

    Mountain Collective 2018-19 is out

    Looks like the MCP is out for 2018-19. The price is $409 and $1 for kids. The line up is the same as this year with the addition of Big Sky (and loss of Telluride to Vail and Hakuba) You can buy it today at https://mountaincollective.com/ Given only $190 price difference, I think Ikon may be...
  18. Codger

    Northern Rockies/Alberta First time Jackson hole??

    planning trip to jh early March. If they don’t get recent snow what is the usual surface conditions(eg icy hard pack packed powder)? Is their grooming sufficient to break up surface conditions?
  19. Andrew Pitts

    Ikon Pass Details Are Out

    Hot off the presses! All the details: https://www.denverpost.com/2018/02/22/ikon-pass-mountains-price/ Edit: Add full press release IKON PASS ANNOUNCES THREE NEW PARTNERS, ACCESS, PRICE & BENEFITS FOR WINTER 2018-2019 SkiBig3, Revelstoke Mountain Resort and Sugarbush Resort Join the Ikon...
  20. jspsj

    Mtn Coll trip late March: where to go?

    I am planning on going out West from March with my 8-year-old son to one of the Mountain Collective destinations. We cancelled a planned trip to Taos in January due to lack of snow. Where do y'all think we should go? In particular, any thoughts on Banff vs. Utah? Some pertinent background: --...