1. Tim Hedin

    SKiBoot RX is back!

    SkiBoot Rx has returned to PugSki.com. I am excited to be back and offer to the members of PugSki.com the best deals on all of your ski equipment. Skiboot Rx is not a big mega shop with a huge internet presence, in fact, square footage size we are a very small shop. SkiBoot Rx is owned by a...
  2. L

    Head Kore 99 bindings

    Hi everyone. I just bought myself a pair of Head Kore 99's. I've been shopping around for bindings. I cannot decide between the Tyrolia Attacks, Marker Griffons, or Look Pivots. Any thoughts/comments?
  3. A

    Ski Selection for Intermediate Level Skier

    Hello All, Been lurking on here for about a month now, and since I will be moving to Colorado I am looking to purchase my first "real" pair of all mountain skis. I would consider myself an intermediate level skier (25 6'2" 180/185lbs) but I would like to get skis that will allow to grow. I...
  4. Alexzn

    Individual Review 2018 Head Kore 117 (189cm)

    Ski tested: 2018 Head Kore 117 (189 length, 117 mm underfoot, turn radius ca. 24m. One sentence review: This ski will defy your expectations; yet it nails the “resort powder ski formula”. First, thanks to BlueZone Sports in Truckee for a chance to take out their demo pair. For the past 7-8...
  5. benny

    Adviced on buying first pair of skis

    Hey guys. I want to buy my first skis. In i have been in Val Thorens 2 weeks ago, and tried a few skis. My height is 165 cm (5’5), weight 72kg(158 lb) and my skill level (according to an esf instructor) is level 3 (advanced). I’m searching for all mountain skis that I will enjoy to carve with...
  6. WhiskySnowy

    Descision Help - Fischer RC4 The Curv Ti - Head Supershape i.Magnum - Atomic Redster X7

    Hey guys, let me give you some backstory I'm 15 but im 6'4" and about 210. I've been renting skis for ages because I am still growing However, i think that it is about time that i get myself a pair of skis. My ski buddy is in the Jiminy Peak Race Team, and I took his skiing style and i have...
  7. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison 2018 Head Kore 93 vs 2018 Head Monster 88

    This is the first of many cage matches this season, so let's get going! Head is hitting on all cylinders at this point; I don’t think there is a hole in the lineup -- and if there was one, the new Kore collection has filled it. Head is not rebuilding; it is reloading. *Kore is pictured with...
  8. dawgcatching

    Dawgcatching's 2017 Preseason Order Discounts

    Hi everyone: If anyone is interested in doing a 2018 preseason on skis, let me know. I can offer 15% off any preseason order (non-refundable deposit required) and an additional $75 off any binding in stock. Included are free mounting and shipping. This includes any of the skis these companies...
  9. Tricia

    11th Annual Mother's Day at Arapahoe Basin

    Hey Look! It's baaaaaack! It's hard to believe, but... It's time to wax It's time to get your beach attire ready Whatever your beach attire may be... Get your ShotzSki mojo on Get your dancing shoes ready for the Conga Line or perhaps some Ballet Look for the Pugski flags at the...
  10. Tricia

    Video: Didier Cuche and Lara Gut on the race course

    What if Didier Cuche came out of retirement to race in the WC? Lara Gut and Didier Cuche go Head to Head on a WC race course. From Lara's FB Page Lara Gut added a new video: Challenge Ski. I'm almost ready for Sölden but what if Didier Cuche would make his comeback at the Worldchampionship in...
  11. Philpug

    Rank the Race Skis in Order...

    ..of Finesse to Power. We know all race skis are not created equal and all have their own feel which is somewhat subjective. Categories: Slalom Giant Slalom Brands: Atomic (2) Blizzard (1) Rossignol (3) Fischer Head Nordica (1) Stockli Volkl TBD: Bomber Croc (1) Blizzard & Nordica are the...
  12. Philpug

    Comparison Review Powder Magazine's 2017 Skis of the Year

    The reviews are coming out, ours started in the Spring and we have more coming. What do you think about Powder Mag's selection HERE. Their list: Nordica Enforcer 93 Salomon QST106 Moment Meridian J Skis Masterblaster Elan Ripstick 106 Head Collective 105 Volkl Confession Blizzard ZeroG 108...
  13. Philpug

    Holes in product lines, "If only...."

    In trying to help @Mendieta pick out skis for his son and thinking "If only Volkl offered the Yumi in a men's model..." What ski, boot, binding you feel are missing from a line? I am not askiing abotu fabricating something that does not exist but where a manufacturer has a hole and it could be...
  14. Dave Petersen

    All Things Tyrolia

    All Things Tyrolia Tyrolia Ski Bindings and Skis
  15. Dave Petersen

    All Things Head

    All Things Head Head Skis, Ski Boots, Ski Bindings, and Ski Wear
  16. dawgcatching

    Individual Review 2016 Head Monster 88 in-depth review

    Ski reviewed: Head Monster 88 177cm; ERA 3.0 rocker (slight early rise at the tip, full tip taper, 2 sheets of metal with Graphene inlay). Mounted with an Attack 13 demo binding. 17M radius Ski is carried over, no changes save for graphics, for 2017. Skier: 5 foot 9, 155-160lbs. Skis 10-30...