grand targhee

  1. Slim

    Powder Mountain / Grand Targhee pricing

    Hi all, hope everyone is hanging in there! I’m considering not buying Ikon passes this season. We might just do one week, around Presidents’ Day. Thinking of Powder Mountain and Grand Targhee. Anyone have an idea of costs of a 4 or 8 days pass at those places, when bought in ~November?
  2. Tricia

    Mountain Collective Adds 4 New Destinations for the 2020/2021 Season

    The Mountain CollectiveTM adds Four New Destinations for the 2020-2021 Season Purchase This Spring for Lowest Guaranteed Price of $469USD Bonus Day at Destination of Choice and Kids’ Pass for just $99USD 2020-2021 Passes to go on-sale March 10 ASPEN SNOWMASS, Colorado – March 10, 2020 – The...
  3. Tricia

    Northern Rockies/Alberta 2020 Pugski Jackson Hole Gathering Trip Report

    Looking forward to pictures of shenanigans, fun times, après and grins.
  4. Jim Kenney

    Grand Targhee day during 2020 Gathering week at Jackson

    Forgive me if this has already been resolved. I'm trying to clarify my plans and wanted to confirm that a group of PugSki members are going to ski at Grand Targhee on Friday, Feb 28. - Is the date of Feb 28 correct? - I'll have a car and could possibly give two people a ride over and back...
  5. mountainwest

    Hello from Wydaho

    Hi! New member from Idaho, right near the Wyoming border. I ski Grand Targhee (season pass), Teton Pass (backcountry), occasionally Jackson Hole, and Beartooth Pass/Beartooth Basin as much as I can in the spring/summer. I learned to ski as an adult and this will be my 7th season. Last season I...
  6. dbostedo

    OFFICIAL 2020 Jackson Hole Gathering Information

    2020 National Gathering at Jackson Hole, WY, February 23 - February 29 NOTE : This is a living post and will be changed as new information becomes available (last updated 2/21/2020) The PugSki National Gathering for the 2019-2020 season will be held at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, from...
  7. DrGT

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Advice for Jackson Hole

    Hi guys! After years of hoping, it seems that this is the year we will finally go to JH! :) Will be there 01/29 to 02/05 I have a few questions for you in the know: 1. We prefer to rent a condo. We like the space and convenience. We also like to cook home and are not so much into nightlife...
  8. T

    Respectfully request guidance on selecting the right powder skis

    Respectfully request guidance on selecting the right powder skis. I'm a 185 pound 5'9" mid level skier that usually skis about 10 days a year in the east and 10 days a year in the west. I'm hoping to bump up the days I ski out west in the coming years. I am currently able to wait for what looks...
  9. jgiddyup

    Targhee 26 Feb - 1Mar

    The wife (Michel) and I were going to be in Mammoth these dates as a warm up for The Utah Gathering, but lack of snow has changed our plans and now we'll be at Grand Targhee. I know it's not likely, but if anyone is going to be around and would like to make some turns at Targhee please post it...
  10. SBrown

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Targhee conditions right now?

    So how are things holding up at the moment? Snow is forecast for tomorrow, but will it be falling on top of coral reef?
  11. Jnelly

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Grand Targhee logistics. Idaho Falls v. Jackson Hole

    Planning on Grand Targhee mid-January. My typical schedule is usually a Saturday evening arrival so a somewhat later night drive will be in order. That said it seems Idaho Falls to GT is pretty straight forward even though it is longer than coming from JAC. However anyone with a perspective on...
  12. Lofcaudio

    Top 10 Favorite Resorts

    Do you have a Top 10 favorite? What are they? Here is a list of the top 10 resorts I'd most like to visit again based upon my past skiing experiences there. The criteria I consider important are (1) great terrain, (2) uncrowded, (3) lift efficiency (layout), (4) weather/snow conditions, and...
  13. Core2

    Battle - Mega Resorts vs. Ski Areas

    It seems like we all either go one way or the other. Some prefer the smaller hills with unique local vibes and others prefer the mega resorts with awesome amenities. I've been to quite a few mega resorts and while I always had fun, they all left me feeling like something was missing. At smaller...