fischer ranger 102fr

  1. ccfc_aaron

    Buying Advice (All Mountain Ski)

    Hi Guys, new here (admin please feel free to move if in the wrong place). I'm currently looking at replacing my skis, and I'm looking for some advice from people who've skied any of the Dynastar Legend 96, Zag H-95 or Fischer Ranger 102FR. Budgets not an issue on these 3, and I've skied a 2012...
  2. A

    Big guy sticks

    Now that some deals are starting to pop up to make way for new skis, I'm looking to move on from my Kastle XX110s that I've ridden the past few years. About me: 33, 6'4", 220+lb. I'm leaner than my weight would suggest and am more athletic than most. I don't know how good my form is but, aside...