el niño

  1. Pasha

    If '18-'19 season had great snow...

    If '18-'19 season had great snow, what can we say about the next '19-'20 season? I know that predicting weather that far in advance is fools errand but we can pontificate. I'm afraid it will not be as good. But it will not be as awful as '17-'18 season.
  2. Pete in Idaho

    Pacific NW/AK/BC 2018/19 Inland PNW (Wa.- No.Idaho -No Mt.)

    I know it is only Sept. BUT does anyone have any information on Lookouts expansion, anything new at Silver (head they've done some Glade work) anyone know where on the Mt. Anything new at Schweitzer ? Anyone going to Gathering at Big Sky?
  3. TheHitman

    The Blob: will it affect winter?

    The weather channel posted this. https://weather.com/news/climate/news/2018-10-24-the-blob-returns-pacific-ocean It's a formation over the Pacific that could cause warm and dry winter. Fake news? Or? How would this effect Colorado, California, and Northwest resorts?
  4. Jellybeans1000

    Snow Forecast Thread

    Hello everybody, I have been planning to start a snow forecast thread for a while now here, and now we are reaching winter, I thought this would be a suitable time to create a formal thread for those who are interested in the snow forecast, and making or reading them. I'll start with my own...
  5. Core2

    Arizona/New Mexico 2018-19 Four Corners Weather, Conditions & Stoke

    First chance of snow is in the forecast for four corners area mountains next Tues/Weds from this hurricane moisture. Bring it on!
  6. Pat AKA mustski

    California/Nevada 2018/2019 Southern California Thread - Big Bear, Mountain High, Baldy, Wrightwood, etc.

    Hmmm. Since the Tour de Big Bear is over and the chances of El Niño are increasing and MM started the new Mammoth thread, I figured we might as well get this one started also. El Niño is often good to So Cal - not always - but often so ... start those snow dances! Bob and I will be skiing...
  7. MountainMonster

    California/Nevada 2018 - 2019 Mammoth Mountain

    Last year this day, Aug 6th still open ! (IG feed) less than 100 until season opening.........................:daffy:
  8. graham418

    Is it too early to talk winter weather?

    I just read that NOAA is predicting a 70% chance for an El Nino for the 2018/19 winter season. While it is rather early, and they will be updating in a months time, is it too early to start the conversation? Who here puts a lot of faith into these predictions? What are your experiences as to...
  9. Jerry Graffam

    California/Nevada Heavenly Mountain Resort - All Things Related, Thread

    Hi all, This is meant to be Separate from the 'Meet-up' thread and I have no intention of stepping on toes. I just wanted to start a thread for conversation on anything having to do with Heavenly.History, conditions, trail openings, lifts, expansion, legitimate peeves, perceptions, lodging, trip...
  10. pais alto

    early season stoke

    Here, in the heart of country favored by El Niño, we're off to a good start. This was taken yesterday at 12,000 feet while resetting snow fences: Bring it!