deer valley

  1. Tricia

    Alterra Mountain Company Announces $223 Million in Capital Improvements for the 2020/2021 Winter Season

    ALTERRA MOUNTAIN COMPANY ANNOUNCES $223 MILLION IN CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS FOR THE 2020/2021 WINTER SEASON Terrain Expansion, Lodging Renovations, Snowmaking DENVER, CO, March 10, 2020 – Alterra Mountain Company announces its plans to invest $223 million in capital improvements across its 15...
  2. cbk

    2020 NASTAR

    Stoked! I got an email today telling me that I had qualified for the NASTAR nationals! Unfortunately I won't be able to make it, but it was cool to hear that. Must be an old guy thing... I'll have to look up the stats, I think the Friends & family team was in the top 10%...
  3. Z

    Unintentional double back flip on mogul run

    WOW! He almost lands it! Quick reaction saves himself from a much worse landing.
  4. Jim Kenney

    SLC skier meet-up 2020

    Stealing this thread idea from @Ron at Steamboat and plagiarizing him too:thumb: The idea is to offer a thread to facilitate meet-ups for anyone planning on skiing resorts near Salt Lake City this season? I'll be skiing at Snowbird and Park City quite a bit over the next few months and could...
  5. Tricia

    Deer Valley Freestyle World Cup

    FREESTYLE WORLD CUP COMPETITION RETURNS TO DEER VALLEY RESORT FEB. 6-8 Freestyle skiing returns home this week with the 2020 Intermountain Healthcare Freestyle International at Deer Valley Resort! The mogul and aerial skiers of the U.S. Ski Team are primed and ready to show their hometown...
  6. M

    Utah Cottonwoods vs Park City / Deer Valley competition / rivalry?

    Hello I have been doing a bit of reading about skiing in Utah (I'm from out of state). I seem to notice indirect comments or references about / against the Cottonwoods and Park City / Dear Valley. There seems to be some type of rivalry or stereotype or competition or love / hate feelings...
  7. speedster

    Utah Will SLC resorts be skiable by Thanksgiving? What % of runs will be open?

    Curious what is typical for Alta, Snowbird, Brighton, Solitude, and Deer Valley by November end. Will the resorts be open, will there be good coverage on the groomed runs, and approximately what % of blues will be open in each of the resorts by then? Also, will some of the resorts above be...
  8. fatbob


    Prompted by VR and assorted Ikon threads over time I wonder if we should try to bottom out the perspectives on Locals v Tourists, "new" passholders v longstanding passholders etc etc. It strikes me that there is always lots of griping when there is any change associated with ski hills from...
  9. musicmatters

    Mahre Ski Camps - Deer Valley

    Had anyone ever done the Mahre Ski Camp at Deer Valley? The pricing seems pretty good compared to what lessons normally cost there. Wondering how good the instruction is and if it would benefit an Advanced-Intermediate
  10. musicmatters

    Deer Valley Instructor Recommendation

    anyone have any recommendations for some of the better Deer Valley instructors? Looking for someone to really focus on technique for an adult skier.
  11. DB Cooper

    Enforcer 110 sizing question

    im planning on taking out an enforcer 110 Monday for a trip with the park city powdercats. My powder ski currently is a backland 109 189 but I wanted to try the enforcer 110 becauce my daily driver is an enforcer 93 185, which I love, so I wanted to test out the 110 to see how similar it...
  12. Slim

    Utah Alta, Snowbird or not?

    Monday Februry 4 I will have 2/3 a day to ski (catching a plane back in the early evening). We have an Ikon pass. We skied several days at Brighton and Solitude last year. My wife and I are staunchly intermediate skiers, with no interest (or ability) for the extreme stuff. Do you think it’s...
  13. W

    Utah Utah Saturday and Sunday Ikon destinations?

    We are heading to SLC the first week of March. Of the Ikon destinations, which is generally the least crowded on weekends? Our first day skiing will be a Sunday and last day a Saturday if there is anything left in out legs. Edit: Sorry, forgot to put the prefix in and I don't see an option...
  14. aubergine

    Utah Hotel Suggestions for Deer Valley?

    I'm researching DV hotels and would love to hear about experiences people have had there. Last time we skied DV - which was a long time ago - we stayed in condos that were in Park City proper. Ideally looking for something that is * family friendly * has a shuttle to DV or is close * offers...
  15. DB Cooper

    Ideal Deer Valley ski

    I will be spending my first year as a Deer Valley pashokder this year and am looking for a ski to both fill out the narrower end of my quiver and for daily use at DV. My existing quiver is composed of an Enforcer 93 (I love this ski) and Backland 108. Knowing the conditions at DV I’d like this...
  16. Karen_skier2.0

    2019 FIS World Champs (Freestyle, Freeski, Snowboard)

    The 2019 FIS World Champs are less than 5 months out. The events will take place at Solitude, Canyons, PCMR and Deer Valley from February 1-10, 2019 A really basic schedule is here: Note: This does not include all of the qualifications and finals that are on the...
  17. PisteOff

    Meet Alterra Mountain Company

    KSL (Squaw) and Henry Crown Co (Aspen) who acquired Mammoth and it's holdings have just announced the name of their new conglomerate. Alterra Mountain Company. Official Release: January 11, 2018 10:15 AM Eastern Standard Time DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The joint venture of affiliates of KSL...
  18. Tricia

    Freestyle World Cup Deer Valley 1/10-1/12

    Phil and I are currently in route to Utah to do a little recon and coverage for the Deer Valley Freestyle World Cup. Who's going to be watching? :popcorn: Here's a little teaser from a few years ago.
  19. ATLSkier

    Utah Park City in March

    A friend is thinking of doing a bachelorette party in Park City/Deer Valley in March. She is wondering what snow conditions are generally like there that time of year. (I know they don't have a lot of snow now, but what would it be like in a normal year in terms of snow and termperature?) Thanks.