dan egan

  1. Beartown

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Dan Egan Steeps Camp at Big Sky, 3/5-7

    This is a camp I've wanted to do for a while, and finally had the time and fitness to give it a go. It is run by Dan Egan, a skiing icon and hero of numerous Warren Miller films. It is run through the Big Sky ski school. While Dan frequently points out that he is certified in "absolutely...
  2. Max Air

    US Ski & Snowbard Hall of Fame Ceremony in Sun Valley

    Who is going? https://skihall.com/induction/schedule/ I'm planning to make a turn or two in retro gear -
  3. Dan Egan

    A sweet time in life

    This past winter I met four skiers whose perspective about skiing will pull me through the off-season. At a showing of the new Warren Miller Film, Bob Dunn was in the audience. Bob was the owner of Boston Hills in Andover Massachusetts from the early 60’s to the late 1980’s. He also operated...
  4. Dan Egan

    Kick Turn, "A lost art"

    At my camps and clinics I like to take a quick review of some basic skills and one of them is the “Kick Turn”. As a boy I learned to kick turn in my back yard. This was one of the first skills my older brothers drilled into me. Over the years I have used this valuable skill to reverse my...
  5. Philpug

    2019 U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Recap

    We are spending another week with the Hall of Fame at their induction ceremony, this year in Park City, UT. Getting time to spend with the HoF members both old and new is always a treat. Here is the list of the class for 2019. There are parties to attend, elbows to rub, and the chance to ski...
  6. Dan Egan

    Lower the edge angles in the steeps

    Most skiers think that they can slow down by edging more on the steeps, but the opposite is true. A high edge angle at the end of a turn will scoot the ski forward and often cause the skier to become out of balance. Combine this with some tension or stress and a tense downhill leg situation...
  7. MattSmith

    Northern Rockies/Alberta The Next Generation of Egans Is Ready for Launch

    Forty inches of snow fell over the week in Big Sky Montana. Visibility is marginal and I’m looking into the abyss over Lone Peak’s Big Coulior. I’m with a group of skiers from Dan Egan’s Steep Camp, ready to test our skills on one of the gnarliest lift-serviced runs Big Sky has to offer...
  8. Dan Egan

    Fresh Tracks features Waterville Valley with Dan Egan

  9. Dan Egan

    Judgement Free Ski Zone

    Skiing is a Zen sport. The essence of the experience is to escape from the mundane routine of life and step into the adventure of the now. Gliding on, over and through snow provides us with the opportunity to experience, observe and express the emotion of being wrapped in a winter day. It is...
  10. Philpug

    KULKEA Partners With Hall of Fame Skier John Egan

    WESTWOOD, MASS. - SEPTEMBER 29, 2017 KULKEA, the New England based leading developer of premium quality ski and snow sport gear bags, is thrilled to announce that John Egan is a KULKEA ambassador. In this role, John will work with KULKEA to promote the sport of skiing and enjoyment of the...