copper mountain

  1. Nathanvg

    Busiest Ski Areas in North America

    Per the Vanat report linked below, the busiest ski areas (in terms of skier-days per year) are: WB (2.2 million skier-days) Breck (1.8) Vail (1.7) PC (1.3) Mammoth (1.2) Keystone (1.2) Copper (1.1) It's often hard to come by accurate numbers for skier-days since ski areas treat these as trade...
  2. P

    Colorado Copper Mountain Pass Promise for 20/21

    Here's what Copper just announced. Looks pretty comprehensive.
  3. udailey

    Summit County Feb 23-26 looking for a skiing partner

    I am arriving on Fubruary 22 and leaving 27 but skiing 23-26. Will ski Copper/Cooper/Keystone/ABasin. Might drop the Cooper day for a second ABasin day. Would love to have a skiing partner for a day or two especially at Keystone where I will ski the bowl/trees and prefer, well wont ski without...
  4. Suzski

    Skiing at Copper Mtn. - advice needed

    Greetings all, I'll be skiing at Copper for 5 days at the end of the month. I'm staying in Frisco. Is there a shop(s)/ski check at the mountain where I can leave boots and skis overnight so I don't have to schlep them each day? I'm not looking for a free check - just convenience.
  5. Philpug

    Outdoor Retailer 2019: Reports From the Floor and Copper On-Snow

    We are expecting the 2019 show to be the craziest yet. @Tricia and I have a packed schedule, and we don't even have everyone booked that we need to see. We need to cram more meetings into less time: last year's show was four day, and this year's is only three; where in the past, we set up hour...
  6. Tytlynz64

    Colorado Frisco or Silverthorne: Where to stay if visiting Copper?

    Hi Folks, If one was trying to put together a cheap trip using their Ikon pass and wanted to ski Copper, which town would you choose to stay in and why? I would like some place to Apres after the day but I have many friends in low places and like it that way. Would like to avoid the need for...
  7. QueueCT

    Vonn injury at Copper

    LV was taken off the SG course by sled today and, I am told, helicoptered off the mountain. I don't have any more details. My daughters got an autograph not 30 minutes before. Hope it's nothing too serious and the curse of Copper doesn't prevent a start at Lake Louise. Has anyone heard...
  8. Slim

    Colorado Copper Mountain vs Winterpark, better at Presi’day?

    Which one do you think handles the crowds better during President’s Day weekend? We are happiest skiing the black runs at Mary Jane and Eagle Wind, and similar at Copper, and willling to spend some time on the the Cirque or Tucker Mtn, but only sometimes. we would Switch to the other resort or...
  9. Ken in LA

    A comparison of resorts on the Ikon pass

    In preparation for winter I created this comparison of Ikon resorts. I didn’t include every resort, only those I might be interested in visiting (most of them). The data was culled from . Decisions, decisions... USA WEST California Alpine Meadows Altitude (meters)...
  10. SBrown

    Gary Rodgers stepping down as Copper CEO

    Dear Copper Community Member, After careful reflection I wanted to let you know that, effective July 13, 2018; I will be stepping down as President and GM of Copper Mountain Resort. Twenty years ago my wife Sue and I re-located to Copper and Summit County from Whistler BC. It has been a very...
  11. crgildart

    Multiple spectator injuries dampen Copper’s end of season party when participant goes rogue

    This is why we can't have nice things... like meltdown games and other end of season festivities.. Copper pond-skim fiasco could lead to felony charges for man who tried to jump crowd (with video)
  12. TonyPlush

    Colorado Copper Mountain Receiving Two New Lifts

    As far as I know, this hasn't been posted yet: Cliff notes: Copper Mountain is getting $20 million of new lifts next season - one chondola and one bubble six pack. American Eagle (high speed quad) is...
  13. Tricia

    Introducing IKON Pass - Alterra Mountain Company

    More live information from OR/SIA
  14. coskigirl

    Mountain Collective Survey

    I just completed a survey from MCP and found a couple of questions intriguing. (I changed the below rankings before submitting as I had second thoughts.)
  15. Tricia

    Copper halfpipe World Cup: Qualifications Results

    From FIS Freestyle: From Copper Mountain - Halfpipe World Cup Qualifications Snip from the article: "I'm really happy to land both of my runs," said Wise, who set the highest score on the day, "Two first contest run of the year down so I'm super stoked. My goal is not to come out of the gate...
  16. Black Dog

    Interesting Results at Nastar Pacesetting in Copper yesterday.

    Maybe they should put Casey Puckett back on the "A" team? Ted was 15th fastest..... sorted by best handicap) SORT BY: [By Age & Gender Category] [By Name] [All Results] Competitor Hometown Age & Gender Category Course Time Handicap Medal Casey Puckett Snowmass, CO Male 45-49 Yellow 17.78...
  17. Philpug

    Colorado Free Skiing and Riding for Kids at Colorado Ski Country USA Resorts

    DENVER – November 8, 2017 – Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA) member resorts are committed to providing fun and affordable skiing and riding opportunities for families by offering Kids Ski Free programs across the state. Parents and families can take advantage of free and discounted lift tickets...
  18. Tricia

    Mountain Coasters

    Squaw Valley is putting things in motion to build the Timberline Twister, a mountain coaster, (not a rollercoaster). This would add to other summer activities that have already become popular like climbing courses, zip lines, and the like. Some of the locals are questioning the need for more...
  19. B

    One season to ski bum. Where do you go?

    Mid-40's, expert skier, that due to life circumstances will be able to take some time off this winter. Thinking about ski bumming. Looking for pros and cons of different locations. Terrain is obviously important, so is snow, availability of housing, and also looking for a little bit of a social...
  20. Dave Petersen

    Vintage Copper Mountain, CO

    From my archives - vintage Copper Mountain, CO poster.