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  1. Ron

    Election day T.i.Ts at Loveland

    So far me
  2. Ron

    Aspen's Skico Raises hourly rate Hourly rate will raise from 12.00 our hour to 13.50.
  3. Beartown

    Abandoned Ski Area Documentary

    Someone just sent me this. From last year, I think, so it may have been mentioned before, but I found it pretty cool:
  4. Roger

    Is it too early to be thinking of next season?

    I live in Florida...need I say more ;) but man oh man I know its only April 9th but I just know in a few months it will be August and I will be setting my plans for next winter. I didn't get to go this winter so I'm dying here (but I heard this season wasn't the best). I can't wait for next year...
  5. TonyPlush

    Colorado Copper Mountain Receiving Two New Lifts

    As far as I know, this hasn't been posted yet: Cliff notes: Copper Mountain is getting $20 million of new lifts next season - one chondola and one bubble six pack. American Eagle (high speed quad) is...
  6. ksampson3

    Colorado Aspen/Snowmass current conditions?

    I'll be at Aspen/Snowmass this week and was wondering what the conditions are. If you had to pick in order from best to worst, would you ski Ajax, Aspen Highlands, or Snowmass first? I'll be staying in Snowmass Village, so I will probably ski Snowmass on Mon/Tues. I'm trying to figure out where...
  7. Prowrench78

    Colorado Help! Michiganders first Colorado trip.

    Need opinions and some help deciding on a budget trip. We have never been far from home, 850 ft elevation. Bucket list trip to mountains is looking great for next year. I have experience but girlfriend is new to winter sports. We have pretty much narrowed our trip down to Winter Park. Thought...
  8. SkiNurse

    The Ten People You Meet On a Chairlift

    I have met all of these people on a lift. How about you?:rolleyes:
  9. G

    Colorado Honestly, should I change my ski vaca plans due to lack of snow but will lose money

    I been participating in the "Bitch about the weather thread" with some sarcasm and fun yet also serious bitching. But I have to say its really becoming problematic as for my scheduled trip to Telluride in march. There is simply no snow. The forecast for next couple weeks shows none to very...
  10. kayco53

    Well we are finally getting some snow

    Finally getting some snow to make up for the pineapple express we had. Thank you Ullr the Fireball sacrifice worked.This is Sun night to tuesday afternoon. A bit over 100cm new .Man and I can't ski till the end of the month due to a opening day muscle tear.
  11. Ron

    Steamboat provide meals to Employees

    Nice to see!
  12. A

    Colorado Is Crested Butte worth going at all?

    For non-expert skiers, that is. Reason I ask is I'll be at Frisco for 3 1/2 weeks. It's easy enough to do an overnighter to Crested Butte. And it's included in my MAX pass. Everyone know about Crested Butte as the expert's paradise. The question is, what about the rest of us who aren't...
  13. Tricia

    Video stoke - K2 Skis: Friends on a pow day

    Gotta love K2 Skis Stoke: Friends on a pow day
  14. Ron

    Steamboat First tracks BOGO till Friday.

  15. Slim

    Colorado Crested Butte vs Steamboat

    What are the pros and cons of Steamboat Springs vs Crested Butte? Family trip, don't care about nightlife or shopping. Late February (the days following Presidents' Day) Don't ski any extreme terrain, just want nice blue-blacks and blacks, moguls, tree skiing,the best chance of powder, fun...
  16. Philpug

    Colorado Free Skiing and Riding for Kids at Colorado Ski Country USA Resorts

    DENVER – November 8, 2017 – Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA) member resorts are committed to providing fun and affordable skiing and riding opportunities for families by offering Kids Ski Free programs across the state. Parents and families can take advantage of free and discounted lift tickets...
  17. D

    Summit County Ski Lessons November 12-19th

    First off, I'm very happy to see so many people who made it over here from EpicSki while also bummed that Vail or whoever shut EpicSkidown and didn't let the content be archived or (more realistically) sold to someone else. So much information and resources lost...just like that. Poof! At least...
  18. Jed Peters

    Colorado School me on a little place called Aspen....

    Even though the French are a$$holes, I still may be going here--primarily because I heard the beer flows like wine. So, school me on it. Coming in on a Sunday, leaving on a Thursday. Probably ski 4 days. Where to ski between days? Where to stay? In town? Highlands? Snowmass? Looking for...
  19. mike_m

    Loveland in October/early November

    I'm usually up there about five days a week (sometimes weekends, sometimes midweek) until Copper opens. If anyone wants to take some runs, let's meet upstairs in the cafeteria near the ski school desk at 8:45. Let me know when you're coming! Best! Mike