bump skiing

  1. Z

    Unintentional double back flip on mogul run

    WOW! He almost lands it! Quick reaction saves himself from a much worse landing.
  2. abcd

    Bump lesson from Takao

    I typed this into "recreational and sustainable" thread and Tricia locked the thread just as I was typing this. Didn't think it deserves a separate thread, but it's already typed so can't let it go to waste :) Youtube suddenly offered a gem from 8 years ago - a video of a 1 hr lesson with...
  3. LuliTheYounger

    Miniature Woman Seeks Less Annoying Bump Skis - Demo Ideas?

    I'm 5'1 and 95ish lbs. I've been on the Volkl Kenjas for four or five seasons and really like them in most conditions, but suddenly had a moment the other day where I realized that I don't *love* them in bumps.... and bumps are probably 90% of what I ski. Some of it is definitely user error, but...
  4. MarkG

    Momentum Ski Clinic

    So this last week I went up to Blackcomb to partake in 2 days of bumps in the zipper line. What a blast, and what a rude awakening. I realized the night before Day 1 that there was a chance I'd get dumped from class. On signing up, I failed to make the connection that a level 5/6 in Canadian...
  5. Suzski

    Bumps for Boomers Clinics - Pros/Cons?

    I'm planning ahead for next season and am considering the BFB clinic in Aspen. Just curious whether anyone has done this clinic and what your impressions are. It is pricey so I'm trying to do some grassroots research. Many thanx in advance.
  6. Josh Matta

    Zipperline Bump skiing,objectively why

    What is OBJECTIVELY better about it? Its not faster than GS turning though bumps, its not less impacts than smooth round lines, its more tiring, it not at versatile "places have bad bumps", its not slower than other methods. If you subjectively like that style of skiing better , thats great...
  7. Plai

    Recreational Sustainable Mogul style?

    @SSSdave says that he spends all day in the bumps (at Tahoe area resorts). @KingGrump comments about skiing moguls 6 out of 7 days at Taos. This has got me thinking: 1. I want to do what they do. 2. I don't know how they do what they do. Please, pretty please, drop words of wisdom, or better...
  8. Josh Matta

    People asked for ice bumps, so here are some ice bumps

    I honestly felt like crap while filming these, but the skiing looks about as good as your going to get on Icey variable, nonrhythmic eastern bumps. Run is [email protected] Here is some icey eastern bump skiing complete with skidding, rounding out turn, when possible, Hop turns down the spine of...
  9. Philpug

    World Cup Mogul Skiing equipment.

    Is there more equipment domination in a sport than there is in mogul skiing? IDone skis, Look Pivot bindings and Full Tilt boots. Yes, there are some Shaman, Rossignol and Hart skis, some occasional overlap boots but almost every competitor is running Look Pivots.
  10. jack97

    Mogul G.O.A.T.

    Among the mogul crowd, JLB is well known..... some excellent points are made in the vid below.
  11. Suzski

    Lessons at Whitefish MT (1/19)

    Greetings all. I'll be heading to Whitefish MT in early January. I've never been before and am wondering about the ski school. I think it would be a great early(ish) season opportunity to get some bump instruction. Any recommendations? Thanx in advance. Cheers.
  12. R

    When to pull back feet in bumps

    In East, I can only practice bump on closed training course( basically ski zipperline) at my home mountain, there is no nature mogul hill, I am beginner bumper. I can manage skiing blue bump run at speed as it goes(not in controlled way), but move to black bump run, I could not stand the speed I...
  13. tball

    Bumps for Advanced Skiers

    I can't believe I showed up late for a bump thread. :nono: Great discussion and topic!! I need to defend the dignity of the zipper line. At the highest level, the zipper line is the way bumps are intended to be skied. How does the zipper line apply to beginning bump skiers? Beginning...
  14. DavidSkis

    Tackling a specific bump line

    You're on your level 3 exam at the top of Superstar at Killington. (Pic stolen from Guy In Shorts - I love how there's a dude sideways on the right) You MUST turn using the blobby rectangle-shaped "bump" because it's in your path. You cannot ride down the left side, as that takes you out of...
  15. jmeb

    Technical off-piste ski videos: Post your favorites

    I love the technical skiing videos posted frequently here -- but they mostly consist of beautiful skiers on groomed terrain making perfect turns. Rarely am I on groomed terrain if other terrain is available: chutes, bowls, trees, etc. So post up your favorite videos of technically rad skiers...