1. Johnfmh

    Colorado Rob Katz Discusses COVID-19 and Its Impact on Vail Resorts

    It is a three-part podcast. Part 1: "No Playbook. Navigating Through COVID-19" explores in detail our company’s journey through the crisis that COVID-19 has presented. The first part "The Decision," documents our decision to close our resorts on March 14. Part 2: The second part "The Impact,"...
  2. Nathanvg

    Busiest Ski Areas in North America

    Per the Vanat report linked below, the busiest ski areas (in terms of skier-days per year) are: WB (2.2 million skier-days) Breck (1.8) Vail (1.7) PC (1.3) Mammoth (1.2) Keystone (1.2) Copper (1.1) It's often hard to come by accurate numbers for skier-days since ski areas treat these as trade...
  3. Tricia

    Vail Resorts Open Note to Passholders

    Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen the world take numerous measures in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19. For Vail Resorts, that has meant closing all 34 of our North American resorts. That difficult decision was necessary in order to prioritize the health and wellbeing of our...
  4. Kneale Brownson

    Vail Closure

    FRISCO — Vail Resorts Chief Executive Officer Rob Katz announced in a statement Saturday afternoon that the corporation will suspend the operations of all of its North American mountain resorts and retail stores beginning Sunday, March 15, through Sunday, March 22 due to concerns surrounding the...
  5. Slide of Hans

    Epic Pass 20/21

    Prices out today! Local $729, full pass $979
  6. Vail, Breckenridge and Keystone in Late January

    Vail, Breckenridge and Keystone in Late January

    Vail, Breckenridge and Keystone in Late January February 7, 2020 By Jim Kenney PugSki Travel Correspondent I visited Vail, Breckenridge and Keystone ski areas in Colorado during mid-week in late January 2020. I skied two days at Breckenridge, one day at Keystone and my final day was Friday...
  7. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Vail Galaxy of Resorts: Part 1 of 3

    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Vail Galaxy of Resorts: Part 1 of 3

    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Vail Galaxy of Resorts: Part 1 of 3 December 30, 2019 By Jim Kenney PugSki Travel Correspondent [Author's note: this is an update of a three-part article originally written for two years ago. In addition to updating, it has been repositioned for easy...
  8. Lofcaudio

    2020 SKI Magazine's Top 50 Resorts in NA

    I just got my SKI magazine in the mail yesterday where they rank the overall Top 30 resorts in the West and Top 20 in the East, with some random subcategory rankings sprinkled in for good measure. As always, there are some head-scratchers. Overall Top 10 in West: 1) Aspen/Snowmass 2) Sun...
  9. Philpug

    2018-19 Pugski Epic Resort Tour

    The 2018-2019 season was a whirlwind -- dare we say “Epic” -- tour for Team Pugski. Tricia and I were all over the western United States at almost 25 resorts, including more than a half-dozen Epic resorts. Even though these areas are under the Vail umbrella in one way or another, each has its...
  10. M

    Going to Breckenridge - Stöckli or Kästle Demo Shop?

    newbie here... Headed to Breck on Friday & already called several shops looking to demo either of these no avail. Anyone know of a Stöckli shop in the area? Or Kästle? Would love to demo AX and SR88. Thanks for the help? Stephen
  11. M

    Anti Vail Sentiment

    I'm a new skier. I have been to Heavenly, Squaw, Sierra at Tahoe, Park City, Beaver Creek and Northstar. As such, I don't have a lot of first hand observations on what makes a ski area better than other. I'm curious why there is a lot of anti Vail sentiment on this forum. I think their pass...
  12. Kneale Brownson

    Where Air?

    The lack of oxygen at 10,000 feet is killing me—literally. My body is reacting to the oxygen situation by creating excess red blood cells, making my blood so thick the heart is stressed from pumping it around. My cardiologist said bloodletting is not the answer: I must address the oxygen...
  13. Mendieta

    Instructor recommendation in CO (ABasin, Key, Breck)

    Hi all @amlemus is looking for instruction in Colorado: I moved this discussion to its own thread so it can gain some traction. Any recommendations for good private instructors in one of those areas? Thanks!
  14. TonyPlush

    Girlfriend Skiing Considerations

    Here's a generic resort suggestion thread that may be more of a fun mental exercise than anything. Me and a buddy are throwing around the idea of a late February to March ski trip. The big catch? It's a couples ski trip. Ability levels are as follows: Me: Enjoy anything blue or black...
  15. Roger

    Colorado Breckenridge....Beaver Run or The Village

    Anyone have any opinions of which hotel is better?
  16. Analisa

    Colorado Breck-ommendations?

    Hi! Headed to Breckenridge tomorrow and would love to get some recommendations for fun spots on the mountain (any ability level) and good apres/dinner spots! Also all ears for a good demo shop!
  17. Jim Kenney

    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Vail Galaxy of Resorts: Part 1 of 3

    I’ve had the opportunity to visit a bunch of Vail Resorts in North America over the last four years and explore the full gamut of great experiences they offer. However, I’m going to set the tone of this discussion by using the words "Vail" and "frugal" in the same sentence. The Vail galaxy of...
  18. Tricia

    Dog-friendly breweries in Colorado

    After seeing a story in Reno about a bar that was forced to put up "No Dogs Allowed" signs on its outdoor patio, its refreshing to see an article in Summit Daily about Dog-friendly breweries in Breckenridge, Frisco and throughout Colorado Snips from article: BRECKENRIDGE A locals' favorite in...
  19. Philpug

    Down Goes Briggs!

    Thoughts go out to @Doug Briggs for a speedy recover, from Facebook...
  20. The Displaced Skier

    The Displaced Skier

    Getting ready for the season when your home mountain is not near home I was lucky enough to spend a winter living in Denver before moving back to the East Coast a few years ago. While my heart is in the mountains, the rest of me (and my family) isn't quite there yet; while my mailing address is...