bob barnes

  1. LiquidFeet

    lateral weight shift vs rocking the ski fore-aft

    Recently I've stumbled upon the phrase "lateral weight shift." The phrase describes transitions where the skier remains centered over the ski (fore-aft-wise) as the body moves laterally over the skis, or the skis move laterally under the body, weight shifting from old outside ski to new outside...
  2. Bob Barnes

    The Information of the Internet...Camber & Aerodynamics!

    OK, so it's my first day out of my ski boots in nearly a month, and I thought I'd skim the Internet to see what's new in the world of skiing understanding. How 'bout a little history of ski design (and predictions for the future)...that could be interesting! "In 1850, woodcarvers invented the...
  3. Plai

    Recreational Sustainable Mogul style?

    @SSSdave says that he spends all day in the bumps (at Tahoe area resorts). @KingGrump comments about skiing moguls 6 out of 7 days at Taos. This has got me thinking: 1. I want to do what they do. 2. I don't know how they do what they do. Please, pretty please, drop words of wisdom, or better...
  4. Paul S.

    Moving along the ski.

    Bob Barnes’ primary rule in the “Crudology” vimeo is to “keep them going in the direction they are pointed”. How do you teach this? What exercises? How do you explain it?
  5. Philpug

    REMEMBERING: 1999-2017

    In 1999, AC had a vision to create a place where people who were passionate about skiing could hang out and talk about all things skiing, which was the beginning of Over the years, the passion shared by the members fueled conversations about ski instruction, ski gear, ski trips, ski...
  6. Bob Barnes

    Marcel Hirscher... today at Aspen Highlands, in preparation for the upcoming 2017 World Cup Finals in Aspen. This is how it's done: Best regards, Bob
  7. Cheizz

    Question on ski boot flex and skier development

    It is often said (on forums in Europe, anyway) that a ski boot with too high a flex can hinder a beginner or lower intermediate skier in his developent. I don't really understand why. If the boot fits properly, and flex really is the only thing in question here: what is it that a developing...
  8. Mendieta

    Favorite video(s) for ski instruction?

    Hi There is nothing like a good instructor. But for different reasons, it's nice to supplement that with other sources of learning. This forum is an example. But I wonder what folks like to either use or recommend. I really like the series of videos by Elate Media on Youtube - They are good...
  9. Tricia

    Crudology - Its that time of year

    I've skied some interesting snow the past couple weeks and I've been reminded of some things in this video. Funny, @Spooky Marcus posted this back in November and I think he's on to something.
  10. Bob Barnes

    Drill The Infinity Move

    Here it is--the very secret of life (or at least, of skiing--which is the same thing, right?), the most fundamental, most essential, and perhaps most elusive and most misunderstood movement pattern in all of skiing. The Infinity Move (which I have in the past called "the X-Move") is the default...
  11. Tricia

    Why does terminology matter?

    Extension & flexion, absorption, retraction, crossover, edge change, rotary, pivot... When I'm talking to friends about ski technique, I hear a lot of these terms, some of which seem to be the same but different. Lets talk about why terminology matters and when to use one term instead of...