1. J

    Stöckli laser ax vs blizzard firebird hrc

    Curious if anyone has skied both of these and has impressions. I’m looking at both and would like to know thoughts. I’m a life long eastern skier, currently on head I-rally. Looking for hard snow, carving ski with lots of energy. Based on reviews, the blizzard seems like a slightly better fit...
  2. Tony S

    Comparison Review 90-Something Demos at Big Sky

    I did a small handful of very quick demos at Big Sky on Friday. Only took one run on each ski, so these are just impressions. 2019 Renoun Endurance 98 3rd Gen @ 168cm [Tricia's ski] 2020 K2 Mindbender 88 Ti Alliance @ 170cm [Tricia's ski] 2020 Blizzard Rustler 9 @ 172cm [demo tent] 2020...
  3. wnbrgr

    Nastar/Beer League Ski Length/Radius

    First off, I want to thank everyone who posts here - I've been learning a ton reading all this wisdom since joining up last month! My kids started racing this season and I've decided to get back into gates as well (after a two-decade hiatus). Our local hill in Iowa has the kids running Nastar...
  4. Noodler

    Who owns who? Current ski company ownership

    I've lost track of which ski companies are in which company "families". I've searched, but not coming up with an accurate updated picture of how things currently are with the parent companies and their brands. Anyone have a reference source with the answers?
  5. P

    Blizzard Rustler 11 - 188 or 192?

    Hi! I'am a quite good skier (36 years old, 6'2 , 172lbs) from austria and look for a good floating but also playfull/poppy ski for powder and little bit shorter turns in trees. My preferens: 55% trees at midium speed (shorter and midium turns), 30% faster speed and bigger turns in open powder...
  6. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison 2018 Blizzard Brahma and Brahma CA vs 2018 Nordica Navigator 90 and 85

    In trying to outmaneuver Blizzard, Nordica has been sneaky smart, and to an extent it is working. Nordica caught its cousin a bit flatfooted when putting the Enforcer 100 up against the Bonafide. When the Enforcer 93 came out, Blizzard’s Brahma and Regulator were left to rely on their reputation...
  7. Philpug

    Rank the Race Skis in Order...

    ..of Finesse to Power. We know all race skis are not created equal and all have their own feel which is somewhat subjective. Categories: Slalom Giant Slalom Brands: Atomic (2) Blizzard (1) Rossignol (3) Fischer Head Nordica (1) Stöckli Völkl TBD: Bomber Croc (1) Blizzard & Nordica are the...
  8. Philpug

    2017 Blizzard Site Is Up!

    Blizzard's 2017 line of skis is up. Check out our Previews, Thumbnails, and Long-Term Tests! Long Term Test: 2017 Cochise Overview: 2017 Quattro Collection Ski Essentials: 2017 Quattro 8.0 Ski Essentials: 2017 Quattro RX Ski Essentials: 2017 Black Pearl
  9. Dave Petersen

    All Things Blizzard

    All Things Blizzard Blizzard Skis 1963
  10. dawgcatching

    New Rental Brahma that Blizzard "should" produce

    Here it is: our new "performance" rental/demo for 2017. It is basically a current Black Pearl, but labeled the Brahma Rental. Doesn't it seem like the perfect ski for that moderately technical skier who skis 5-10 days a year? Why isn't Blizzard offering this ski in retail channels? The Brahma...
  11. Philpug

    Comparison Review Overview: 2017 Blizzard Quattro Collection

    "The Quattro is a collection of men's and women's skis that are specifically designed for groomed snow. They are the most thoroughly designed and technologically advanced skis ever built." That marketing statement could be said by any ski company offering a new collection of skis. Blizzard has...