big sky resort

  1. Tom K.

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Big Sky Ramcharger 8 Opens 12/14

    They're firing it up tomorrow (12/14), so they can work out all the kinks in plenty of time before the Pugski Gathering! 8 people on a chair?! I wonder how long it will take before they successfully load and unload a group of 8 snowboarders from one chair?! Asking for a friend. ;) Edit to...
  2. skidrew

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Big Sky 2018-19

    At the suggestion of others . . . away we go! Keep tabs on the Ramcharger 8 lift build (and Ramcharger removal/relocation) here: Looks like the chairs have already been removed from the lift and are stashed near Swifty for the time being.
  3. Muleski


    This has no doubt been under discussion since Och-Ziff bought the CNL portfolio. Boyne had sold the hard assets to CNL and holds long term {almost 30 years} operating leases. When CNL had to sell, they had to move the entire portfolio. O-Z may do well breaking it up and selling the pieces. I...
  4. P

    Mountain Collective 2018-19 is out

    Looks like the MCP is out for 2018-19. The price is $409 and $1 for kids. The line up is the same as this year with the addition of Big Sky (and loss of Telluride to Vail and Hakuba) You can buy it today at Given only $190 price difference, I think Ikon may be...
  5. Jnelly

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Big Sky sentiments. Input welcomed

    Hello. The short of it is, I need to land on a second location for this year, I am pretty well zeroed in on Grand Targhee for one. But in a debate over the second. I am strongly leaning toward Big Sky for a 3 day swing later this year but very tempted to revisit Whitefish b/c I had such a good...
  6. skidrew

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Big Sky 2017-18

    With parts of Montana getting some snow recently, seems like a good time to start up a thread for Big Sky. For those who missed it, Big Sky extended its season a week, now closing on April 22, 2018.