atomic redster s9

  1. M

    Thoughts on (cheater) SL skis

    I demoed a pair of Rossi Hero Elite ST Ti's and a pair of Volkl Race tiger SL's today. I found the Hero Elites to be exciting. They were easy to get on edge and to hold them, though they did require noticeably more effort than my usual Salomon X-Drive 83s. I would also say that they could be...
  2. B

    Atomic Redster S9 impressions and thoughts about carving

    Hi. Some time ago I started a thread about looking for "beginner carving skis with a catch." Here's the link: Basically the community suggested that I was not really looking for beginner carving skis, but intermediate...
  3. Pugski Test Team

    2019 Atomic

    Atomic Redster S9 Dimensions: 119.5-68-97.5 Radius: [email protected], [email protected] Sizes: 153, 159, 165, 171 Size tested: 171 Design: Carryover Drahtguy Kevin: (from last year) Click in and hang on. This ski exudes power and speed. At 68mm underfoot and a 13.3m radius, the ride is quick but stable...
  4. Alex Shore

    Atomic S9's for Level 3?

    Hi there, I'll be training for my CSIA Level 3 this winter and am looking to pick up a new pair of skis, something with higher performance compared to my previous sticks (Blizzard G-Force Ultrasonic 2012). I've been leaning towards picking up a SL type ski, specifically I've had my eye on the...
  5. Pugski Test Team

    2018 Atomic

    Atomic Redster G9 Dimensions: 110-68-95.5 Radius: [email protected] Sizes: 165, 171, 177, 183 Size tested: 177 Design: All New Philpug: Pantone 186C, that's the color Atomic uses on its race skis for this season and that's the color that drapes the all-new G9. Atomic’s ServoTec rod is integrated into...