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    When you distract your skipper in the Casco Bay:

    When you distract your skipper during the interview, just after we gybe! Exciting stuff! Good thing Alicia didn't get hurt on our wedding anniversary!
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    Take a leap of faith in us - Take "The Dip"

    We just got compared to an early Jimmy Chin and Chris Burkard -- I mean, in no way are we as good, though will take that considering the person that told us this over a call the other day. The person has won several Emmy's and many accolades... So, we know he knows what he is talking about Here...
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    An afternoon and a lake

    As the Summer days wane, we are lucky enough to take advantage of what this season has to offer. Here is to Summer and time well spent with family outside. What people don't know about drones, is that these devices don't typically record audio and require some sound design. This 1 minute edit...
  4. Tricia

    Another cyclist killed

    @Alba Adventures posted a link to this on FB and I can't help but think that I've been seeing far too many of these kinds of stories this year. Bicyclist fatally struck by red light running car Earlier this summer a good friend of @Rudi Riet was killed by a driver. Just two of many stories...
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    What are you grateful for?

    We wanted to say, we are certainly grateful to this community that Phil and Tricia created. Enjoying summer, though looking forward to snowy days on the slopes with our kids. Also, thank you for helping us get better at this.
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    Our short film "Generations" being screened at Mammoth

    If you happen to be near the Mammoth area on July 16th, rumor has it that "Generations" is being screened there! Stoked and excited and we are going to try to make it there. If not, we hope some our friends that live near can support the stoke. Details about attending the event and what the...
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    Well, Alicia, the kids and I are elated to find out that our latest feature film short is going to be screened at Mad River Glen this Friday along with past IF3 winning films from 2018. We hope that you can make it if you are nearby or if you have plans. The event details can be found at...
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    Introduction to us Albas

    While going through all of our posts here, we realized that we never formally introduced ourselves here on PugSki, though many of you have heard of us. Tricia and Phil have known us for a few years now and they are not just incredible people, they have been so supportive of us for many years...
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    What is your favorite chairlift snack?

    We are not sure if you have come across our daughter's chairlift snack series called "Nevada's Chairlift Snacks" where she interviews chairlift guest. We have some left overs that we are producing shortly... In the meantime, this happens to be one of our favorites from the last season for you...
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    In Maine - if you haven't been, its coast will seduce you!

    We hope if you like, please give us a HUGE thumbs up and follow us on here, facebook and on YouTube. Your views are our currency.. Well we are negative nickels.. ... As some of you know, Maine is a big part of our lives and where our hearts and minds have been for many years. We summer and at...
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    Dis-Lodge - Lake Placid, NY

    Take a family adventure to Lake Placid, New York in the Adirondacks like you never have before! With Saratoga Skier and family. "Family life in the city can be exciting, But sometimes you need to get away, To spend quality time with your kids in peacefulness and serenity, Knowing that you have...
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    A visit to Governors Island, New York City

    With summer now in full swing, we are finding ourselves in need to drive a bit less for an adventure. Seems hard to do in NYC, though it can be done. We often visit Governors Island from Spring through Fall. Its like you have escaped for a bit from the craziness that is New York City.
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    Our Ski Season Finale: "King of Spring"

    Thank you Tricia and Phil for always being supportive of our work and for your friendship. Hard to think we have only virtually met, though despite our relationship being virtual for all these years now (about 5), we really feel like we have been friends longer. One day we hope to ski with you...
  14. Tricia

    The family that skis together

    Some of you may have caught the winning entry for the Rossignol Spring Glove contest that we had on Instagram, Alicia Alba from Alba Adventures. Rossignol Spring Glove contest The Alba family was featured in a Mountain Times article. Its worth sharing. Family Celebrates Loss and Joy on ski...
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    Thank you Tricia, Phil and the entire PugSki Community. You have always been very supportive of our work. We are trying to get better and we hope you enjoy our latest story "Thirteen". For the last 6 years we have made this journey. Forging north to the edge of Vermont. Visiting Jay Peak...
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    Grandness of Whiteface!

    The grandness of Whiteface. Still going 155 days! Longest ever for them. Our story - "Natures Bounty"
  17. Tricia

    The Pugski Instagram Rossignol Glove Giveaway

    In case you missed it, we had a Rossignol Spring Glove Giveaway on Instagram. The entries were put into a random drawing to win a pair of Rossignol spring gloves with throwback graphics. The winning draw was from @Alba Adventures submitted by Alicia Alba It looked like the Alba family had...
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    My Pico: Alba Adventures

    This just got released - so excited to be part of the "My Pico" series.
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    Redemption -

    Our latest episode is one to watch beyond the credits. We mean that too. We want to thank all the families and friends that allow us to record them and in advance apologize to those that did not make this story. There will be others (we hope) and we will do our best to include you in them. We...
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    Alba Adventures

    Hey all, you might have remembered me as SkiRay on Epic or have even seen our videos. We hope we are not overwhelming everyone one here with these super trip reports/ski edits and if we do, please let us know. Alicia, my family and I love skiing and love skiing as a family. To us, skiing as a...