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"Phil and Tricia and the team at Pugski provide exceptional industry insight, product information, and an active platform for winter sports lovers to engage, learn, and be inspired." - Todd Walton, director of communications and marketing, Snowsports Industries America "Thanks Philpug: you and this entire community made this season even better!!" - Daves not here
" has done an excellent job of providing a home for industry insiders to interact with consumers minus the usual name calling and mudslinging. As someone who has moderated technical forums in the past, I realize the true nature of the commitment this effort entails. Thanks for providing a productive environment to further discussions on sport." - Brian Frias, MasterFit Enterprises "I want to truly thank Pugski for all the amazing advice; you have been a voice I can trust and take your advice to heart. And a BIG thank you to the whole community for offering great tips and advice." - DaveM
"Please keep doing what you do; it's not just your advice and expertise, it's that I can tell you are quality people, and that's what's important and sticks out. Do not underestimate the amount of personal sweat, equity, risk, and sacrifice Phil and Tricia have personally put into establishing this site." - ScotsSkier
"The critical and passionate Pugski crowd keeps us honest and on our toes! It's always a pleasure to read the love, hate, and everything in between about our brand!" - Josh Malczyk, global brand director, Line/Full Tilt "All the info I really want to know is at Pugski ski reviews." - Guy in Shorts
"For us is a great way to connect with our customers in an open, honest, and encouraging environment. We are ‘Gear for Skiers by Skiers' and does a fantastic job bringing skiers together from lots of different backgrounds, geographic locations, etc." - Je Neagle,Ski Essentials "When my family got back into skiing after a 15-year break from the sport, not only did we find that the equipment had evolved, but that just about everything else had changed as well, including the way people socialize and learn about the sport. Pugski has now become a key part of our 'ski equipment' allowing us to learn, share, and enjoy skiing 365 days a year." - LKLA
" is a great site where you can get closer to the ski industry. You can ask questions and get information about ski equipment from long-time experts." - Richard Beneduci, owner, Green Ice Wax " is a great site where you can get closer to the ski industry. You can ask questions and get information about ski equipment from long-time experts" - Oldschoolskier
"The Pugski posse is a rare community of skiers that brands like ours can actually rely on for factual testimonies." - Matt Sterbenz, founder and brand director, 4FRNT Skis "This site is a neat combo of Epic and TGR with a splash of Blister in your having a testing crew -- thanks and well done." - sullywhacker
"The Pugski forum provides an opportunity to interact with the end customer. The forum sections contain mostly comments from the general public, which I think are important to hear. Too often my ears are filled with info coming from sales reps and/or product managers etc. who tend to spout the Kool-Aid of the ski industry and not what is really happening out there in the real world." - Bob Siener, owner, Fire on the Mountain "I like the concept of a fresh start, and the challenge of 'posting on a higher level.' I've seen and participated in enough of the lower levels of internet, and will strive to keep this place up to the high standards of the founders. To that end, I oer this tasteful toast to the great party we're all starting on!" - newfydog
"As far as I'm concerned, fully inherits the legacy of EpicSki…. This place looks fantastic!" - AC, founder, "I stumbled across Pugski looking for information as a new skier, of which I found more than 10 times what I imagined, and now I check in multiple times a day for the community atmosphere." - Started at 53
"There is something unique in today's world about everyone from beginners to experts, along with retailers and manufacturers, can contribute toward and participate in the dialogue." - Marshal Olson, DPS  
  • Ski two or more ski areas in a season: 93%
  • Ski over 25 days in a season: 86%
  • Have skied more than 25 years: 84%
  • Have at least two or more season passes: 64%
  • Spend over $5,000/year on skiing: 45%
  • 35 - 44: 20%
  • 45 - 54: 39%
  • 55 - 64: 19%
Top States Colorado, California, New York, Utah, Massachusetts is the brainchild of Phil and Tricia Pugliese, two of the industry's most respected and read reviewers and product testers. The Pugski community is quickly building content and traffic; since its full launch, site traffic has soared, making one of the most referenced ski sites on the web.
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Sep 17, 2017
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