We lost a giant of the ski industry in the past year, the one and only Ed “Sleez” Chase. We all know Phil and Steve Mahre, but they will be the first to tell you that they would not be decorated with medals without the hard work of Sleez. Ed Chase was their personal tuner when they were on the World Cup, prepping their skis to perfection. K2 threw a going away party for Ed, and a who’s who of the ski world was in attendance to show their respects.

More than just a tuner, Ed was a mentor to so many in the ski industry, myself included. I met Ed a few years back at the trade show. Ed loved to talk gear, and I was fortunate enough to have Ed take me under his wing; I even earned the occasional and very rare “mah boy…” words of advice. I didn’t know this before last night, but if Ed started a statement with “mah boy,” it meant that he was about to say something important and you better damn well listen. Thinking back to some of our conversations, I recall a few thoughts he started that way, and now I feel even more honored.

This year's show was not the same without Ed. I feel like a kid who wants to share his accomplishments with his father who has just passed away. Ed followed us closely on Epic and would have liked it here. We miss you, Ed.